New Orleans REP is currently seeking college students for Research Intern positions. During your time at our organization, our senior staff will guide you toward furthering your academic research skills. Additionally, you will gain valuable experience at a community-based nonprofit specializing in New Orleans neighborhood engagement and empowerment.

There are multiple forms of research performed at New Orleans REP. As an intern, research activities include compiling previous studies and articles (academic and media), interviewing members of the community, monitoring our social media posts and performing data entry, attending public meetings, and/or performing document research (to name a few examples).

Please read our mission statement and browse our current research projects prior to reviewing our hiring requirements. Research internships last the duration of a semester, and generally require 15 – 20 hours of work per week. At times, we may also hire interns on a project-by-project basis (please see here for potential project-based positions).


Undergraduate Students

While New Orleans REP prefers that our student interns be at the graduate level, we are also interested in upper-level undergrads who can demonstrate strong research experience and skills. Undergraduate students applying for an internship must show either a cumulative 3.5 GPA, or strong improvement in their GPA over the past three semesters (with a recent semester GPA of 3.0 or higher). We also require submission of past research projects as demonstration of your prior work, as well as two recommendations from professors or employers (at least two recommendations total). While we are open to any and all interesting fields of study, we encourage students majoring in political science, environmental studies, anthropology, communications, economics, history, and sociology to apply.

To submit an application for an undergraduate Research Intern position, please send a cover letter and resume to our Intern Recruiter at (EMAIL). We require that your cumulative and current GPA be included on your resume, however, we also understand that given your status as an undergraduate student, your employment experience may be limited.


Graduate Students

As a graduate student, we understand you’ve demonstrated your academic ability. To apply for a graduate-level Research Intern position, New Orleans REP requires the following:

  • A Statement of Your Research Intentions. This can be the same as what you submitted for your graduate application process, unless your research intentions have changed and/or you wish to update your original Statement of Purpose (Statement of Research Intent). We will consider less formal statements of your research intentions and interests, but we do prefer something in the style of an academic Statement of Purpose.
  • A Resume or CV. We do not give preference to one format over the other. Whichever format you choose to submit, we want to see that you have research and/or non-profit experience, or have demonstrated an interest and capacity for this type of work.
  • A Cover Letter. Tell us why you’re interested in New Orleans REP. Relate your past academic projects and/or employment experience to our organization’s mission, and demonstrate how your current work relates to our own.
  • At Least Two Recommendations. These can be from members of academia or from former employers.
  • TIME. We realize how strapped graduate students are in terms of time. A graduate-level internship will require 15 – 20 hours of work per week and lasts the duration of a semester (or longer if we’re a good fit). If you do not feel you have this amount of time, but still wish to intern with New Orleans REP, please see here for potential project-based internship opportunities.
  • One of the Following Backgrounds.¬†While we are open to any and all interesting fields of study, we encourage students pursuing graduate degrees in political science, law, environmental studies, anthropology, communications, economics, history, and sociology to apply (but, tell us how your field of study can be beneficial if it’s not included).

IMPORTANT: At this time, New Orleans REP is a start-up nonprofit. We do not currently have funds to compensate our interns. We are making progress toward offering semester credit for undergraduates, and raising funds toward compensation for our graduate interns. What we DO offer at this time is the opportunity to further your own research skills and goals while working with a visionary organization focused on restructuring the creation and availability of information. Additionally, for academic researchers seeking entry into the non-profit world, interning for New Orleans REP offers you the experience you need to work with organizations in New Orleans and beyond. We hope that very soon we will be able to offer you monetary compensation for your time as well. Please, stay tuned …