New Orleans Research and Empowerment Project (New Orleans REP) performs research on local, regional, national, and global topics submitted by the public. Our mission is to create a transparent, two-way street of knowledge. Inquiries from the public are answered by providing information that is 100% free and accessible. In this way, we gain knowledge about issues important to our organization’s followers, while empowering the public with corresponding research. Our hope is that the information we provide will improve people’s daily lives and give way for larger-scale progress.

Local empowerment efforts are more extensive. Through community meetings, events, and programs, New Orleans REP is able to disseminate information and offer a multitude of services. Additionally, our Community Connections Model has enabled relationships between local organizations to expand their own potential. While we currently serve the greater New Orleans area and coastal parishes in southeast Louisiana, we encourage similar projects to investigate our empowerment programs and Community Connections Model to utilize in their cities and towns as they see fit.

Given our location in a hurricane-prone region facing the effects of sea level rise, climate change, and land loss, New Orleans REP also focuses part of our efforts toward disaster and environmental preparedness. Some examples of our preparedness programs can be seen here.

None of this would be possible without the continued support of our donors and followers. We thank all those who have contributed to New Orleans REP, enabling us to continue our mission. (Thank you!)