Community Connections

No single organization can do it all.

For instance, during times of disaster relief, there may be one organization offering buckets, and another offering mops. Sometimes these organizations are operating within miles of one another, but never make the connection.┬áNew Orleans REP aims to strengthen and expand services through forming connections between existing organizations. If one organization is already versed in obtaining buckets, and one organization is funded for receiving mops, we see no reason for either organization to learn how to fulfill a need they’re not familiar with … Instead, New Orleans REP puts the bucket with the mop.

While we anticipate identifying such organizations as we perform standard research in New Orleans and coastal communities, a portion of our initial survey will ask people what services are offered in their area, and which services they would like to receive. Once we collect this information, New Orleans REP will reach out to those organizations and assess their willingness to work with one another. Our hope is that we will be able to expand resources that are available to both established organizations and the public. Additionally, New Orleans REP will investigate where the gaps remain, and assess how those needs can be fulfilled.


In addition to strengthening and expanding services, the Community Connections Model will bring organizations with similar missions together on a tri-monthly basis. Meetings between nonprofits with related missions will seek to assess current issues, as well as brainstorm on plausible solutions. Due to funding availability, nonprofits with similar missions are often left to “compete” with one another. These meetings will seek to address common problems through partnerships and idea exchange. Together, we can make a difference.

Click here for a list of our partner organizations.