Assessing the Need

During the course of our initial survey period, New Orleans REP will identify topics of concern, as well as desired programs and services. To address some of these needs, New Orleans REP will utilize the Community Connections Model. If one organization is offering a bucket, and another a mop, we will work closely with both to put the bucket with the mop. In this way, our organization seeks to strengthen services while expanding resources.

However, we realize there will still be gaps that need to be filled. Through our initial survey and continued community research, New Orleans REP will identify what missing services are most desired by residents. Once key programs have been identified we will assess what our own organization is able to provide. While we wish we could fund and operate programs to meet all of our community needs, we do recognize we’ll have to choose those which we can offer in a sustainable, strong, and effective manner.

In the meantime, New Orleans REP does have a wish list …

Program Wish List