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WHO WE ARE: A developing nonprofit seeking 501(c)(3) status to further our goals. What you see on these webpages is a “Wish List” – A layout of what we hope to achieve for the community once 501(c)(3) status is obtained, and funding is in place. The founder of New Orleans REP is an experienced nonprofit professional and New Orleans resident, as well as a PhD candidate at Louisiana State University specializing in anthropological and disaster science research. Our current staff of volunteers are similarly qualified, dedicated individuals who are passionate about this project, and have been extremely generous with their time (Thank You Volunteers!!).


OUR OVERALL GOALS: To gather research suggestions from the public on local and regional issues that concern them. Our hope is that by providing corresponding information, we will empower residents to improve their daily lives and impact larger-scale progress. Topics will range from small to big – “Why haven’t the street lights in my neighborhood been repaired?” Or, “Why are the rental rates in my neighborhood increasing?” Or, “How are funds from red light tickets allocated?” We will provide corresponding research in “Quick Facts” and full PDF reports made 100% accessible online, as well as distributing information through community meetings, social media, and the press.

We also seek to improve upon and provide services through our Community Connections Model, and at our organization’s current location. Satellite locations will be set-up in existing establishments (community centers, churches, etc.), and a “Help Van” will eventually be purchased to provide services where these establishments do not yet exist. We will gather data on what services the public desires, and respond accordingly. Empowerment projects at this time may include after-school tutoring, sports programs, and job training. Other programs we seek to initiate in these early stages are resource referrals, tax prep help, and job placement.

Finally, to offer specialized programs in disaster preparedness to residents of southeast Louisiana. An overview of our preparedness goals can be found here.



  • To obtain 501(c)(3) status
    • We need $1,200 to achieve this, your help is appreciated!!
  • To acquire tax-exempt funding from local businesses and donors
    • We will canvass local businesses and contact donors once 501(c)(3) status is achieved
  • To acquire further funding through grants
    • Grant research and writing has already begun!
  • To do an initial round of community surveys and meetings
    • This will be our “test run” to see what the community wants from our organization
  • To purchase a “Help Van” that will be used to acquire and spread information
    • Our hope is to have this in place by April 1st to offer mobile tax prep help
    • A separate fundraising effort will begin for this project mid-February (stay tuned …)
  • To have at least two community empowerment programs up and running by the end of 2016
    • We will gather information on what the public wants, and respond with programs accordingly
    • Initial programs may include after-school tutoring, resource referral services, and/or job placement


To learn more about New Orleans REP, click on any or all of these three links:


… , or read the extended description of our organization below. To submit a research topic or an idea for programs you would like to see New Orleans REP provide, please click here. And finally, if you wish to make a donation to help us reach our potential, please click here. Thank You!


Organization Description

New Orleans Research and Empowerment Project (New Orleans REP) is a developing nonprofit seeking 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Our mission is to create a two-way street of accessible knowledge between our organization and the public. Through survey responses, email submissions, a telephone help line, social media, and input at community meetings, we will gather potential topics that the public wants to learn more about. These topics can range from small to large – whether it be ongoing construction in their neighborhood, changes in rental rates, or the impact of zone ordinances, we will pursue those issues that concern our communities most. Our hope is that the corresponding research we produce will improve daily lives, while making way for larger-scale change.

Currently, New Orleans REP will be serving New Orleans and coastal parishes in southeast Louisiana. This does not mean our topics are isolated to these areas alone. We hope to expand our scope and scale to investigate national and global issues in the future, and we encourage people both near and far to submit any research ideas they may have by clicking here. The research we compile is made 100% accessible online, thus available to anyone with an internet connection – This means members of the public, the media, and academia can all utilize our “Quick Facts” and full PDF reports at no cost to them. Further, information will be spread through community meetings, social media, and in the press.

In addition to enabling empowerment through research, New Orleans REP also offers two methods of providing programs and services. The first is our Community Connections Model which seeks to strengthen and expand existing resources by connecting organizations with one another. As we like to put it, if one organization is offering a bucket, and another is offering a mop, we work with both of them to put the bucket with the mop. We see no reason for organizations to strain their resources to expand services when another organization is already versed in those programs, and the two can work together to serve their clientele. Additionally, New Orleans REP will gather information on what gaps in services remain, what residents desire, and what programs we can make possible for the public.

Finally, as a special component of our services, we seek to provide disaster preparedness information, training, and programs. We feel this is imperative given our location in southeast Louisiana and our growing vulnerability in a changing world.


We are excited to embark upon this important mission. If you would like to donate to help our organization meets its potential, please click on the button below. Thank You!